A fleet of modern, robust and reliable portable and towable welders and accessories from 165A to 800A to suit a wide range of projects

Inspected, serviced and calibrated by our own engineers to ensure hassle free, efficient and reliable operation on site. The fleet includes:

  • 165A compact petrol welders (with 110V aux power)
  • 500A Kempii welders
  • 800A Kempii gougers
  • 300A & 500A towable diesel welders (with 415V & 110V aux power)
  • Viper 250A TIG Units, with separate remote control units if required
  • Welding cables (70mm) x 25m, or custom made to suit your requirements
  • Eco-grip TIG Torches
  • Electrode holders / earth clamps

A recent addition to our fleet is a 6 pack unit, comprising 2 x Kempii 800A gougers, 4 x 500A Kempii welders and a 415V/110V transformer. This pack is normally powered by one of our fleet of 100kVA CAT generators.

Our qualified engineers will help setup, install, test and commission if required

If you’re not sure what you need, give us a ring and we'll work with you to find the right solution.