Great Deals On New Fishing Tackle Stocks

Up to 15% savings on the latest products for 2021
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December 10th 2020

Available Now- Special Pricing on a Range of New Products Just Arrived

The deals below are just a few examples of the offers available.

If you find something cheaper elsewhere we'll always do our best to match it!

Perfect for keen anglers and beginners, you're welcome to come in and have a browse round our fishing department!

We're open Mon-Friday 8 - 5pm and Saturdays 8 - 2pm

Alternatively you can call us on 01595 692955 or email


Penn Overseas Boat Travel 20-30lb 5pc - RRP £143.99 Our Price £120.00

Daiwa Ninja Tele Spin 15-50g- RRP £64.99 Our Price £60.00

Penn Wrath Inshore 20-80g 2pc RRP £59.99 Our Price £54.00

Daiwa Seahunter Z Boat Rod 15-25lb - RRP £59.99 Our Price £54.00

Penn Regiment II Boat 30lb 2pc - RRP £79.99 Our Price £72.00

Daiwa Seahunter Boat Travel 4pc - RRP £59.99 Our Price £54.00


Penn Fierce III Front Drag 6:2:1 - RRP £79.99 Our Price £74.00

NEW Product Now in Stock- Holy Mackerel!

Made from fish sourced from the North Atlantic, this 100% unrefined pure fish oil is specially bended for angling use.

It adds an extremely strong scent to your baits, lures, rubby dubby and ground baits, and is excellent for attracting and catching salt and fresh water fish.

Beware that the smell from any accidental spillage will linger for a long time!

Warning: Not fit for human consumption