February 18th 2012

The Plant Nappy® is an innovative design that is becoming the industry standard at more construction and maintenance sites throughout the UK.

The Plant Nappy® is a better alternative to the use of drip trays under plant and machinery on site.

It is designed for use outside in the rain and harsh conditions to provide containment of oil and fuel spills for static plant and maintenance of site machinery.

The design allows drips of oil or fuel to be caught in the base and rainfall to escape through the side walls as pure clean water.

The base of the mat is non-permeable fabric laminated with an oil soak filter, to absorb the oil, and protected by a permeable top fabric to allow free passage of contaminants.

For more information or a quotation please contact Peter Jack at DH Marine (Shetland) Ltd. on 01595 690 618.

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