QuikSling® Man Overboard Rescue & Recovery System

Ensures you are rigged and ready for any MOB situation!

What gets you back Home and Dry?

Falling overboard is one of the biggest causes (42%) of fatalities in commercial fishing.

The #HomeandDry fishing safety campaign was created with support from the fishing industry, to share vital messages about safety at sea, and help all fishermen get back to their families, home and dry.

The campaign focuses on 3 simple steps:

  1. Assess the risks
  2. Do your drills
  3. Wear a personal floatation device (PFD)

However, if the worst happens and somebody goes over board, then being prepared can save precious time.

It should not be underestimated how difficult it can be to recover a casualty from the water. This is where the QuikSling® MOB rescue and recovery system can help, and is now in stock.

What is a QuikSling®?

It's creator was George West, a North Sea fisherman who came up with the idea following the dramatic but successful rescue of crew from a Dutch tug that had capsized.

The QuikSling® is a floating aluminium frame that comes complete with adjustable capture harness, flashing beacons, rope bags and anti-tangle snappers. It is housed in a robust orange GRP cabinet that is supplied as part of the kit.

Weighing only 3kg the QuikSling® it is easy to throw, with the foam covered frame reducing the risk of causing unnecessary injury during deployment.

The wide open loop facilitates easy entry (even over inflated lifejackets), which enables it to remain effective in rough seas.

How It Works

1. The casualty is captured by two slings: a detachable chest sling and the leg sling formed by the float frame

2. In deployment the casualty’s arms naturally rise up and drape out over the frame

3. The rescuer snatches the tension-activated chest sling from its tangle eliminating mountings to capture the casualty

4. The casualty is now supported by the two slings, one around the shoulders and chest, and the other under their knees

5. The double sling recovery ensures a safe “low deckchair” type posture for the hoist aboard to minimise the risk of circum rescue collapse*.

6. The low slung capture position assists and encourages a horizontal walk aboard while being hoisted.

7. An additional handle on the frame assists the haul on to deck

Click here for a short video of it being tried out.

*Circum Rescue Collapse occurs when the casualty's blood volume pools in the lower body when recovered vertically from cold water. The heart can struggle to compensate for this sudden loss of central blood volume, which can lead to circulatory shock and sudden death.

Tried and Tested

The QuikSling® system has been tested by a UKAS accredited laboratory and type approved by Lloyds as a means for manover board rescue system.

They have been installed on vessels from 20 to 200m, ranging from deep water trawlers and rig support ships to ferries, research boats, leisure craft.

They have also been sited at quarries where it was recognised that something more sophisticated than a rope and life ring was required.

For further details see the QuikSling® website here.

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