The perfect choice for smaller household, vehicle and vessel cleaning jobs.

If you need a handy machine for the most common cleaning tasks this is the perfect choice.

All models are fitted with a snap coupling between hose and handle, plus the Click&Clean nozzle concept, for quick change between various accessories. The upright design and the wide wheels make these machines highly mobile. Furthermore, they can be stored on the wall with a special wall hook to save space.

The automatic start/stop system along with an aluminium pump makes for a reliable pressure washer that won't let you down.

C110.7 and C120.7

These light, compact and easy to handle cold pressure washers are ideal for cleaning items such as cars, bikes, small boats, trailers, patios and garden furniture.

The C110.7 supplies water at 110 bar and comes with a 5m power cable, a 5m long hose and weighs 6.1kg

The C120.7 supplies water at 120 bar, has a usefully longer 6m hose and weighs slightly more at 6.2kg

To download the C110.7 data sheet click here

To download the C120.7 data sheet click here


A versatile and handy pressure washer capable of tackling slightly bigger jobs.

Supplying water at 125 bar and coming with a 5% higher flow rate than the models above the C125.7 has plenty of power.

Weighing 6.6kg and fitted with a 5m power cable the C125.7 comes with a very useful 8m long hose that allows for greater reach without having to reposition the washer.

To download the C125.7 data sheet click here


Heading the top of the Compact range, the C135.1 is both powerful and flexible, able to clean soft or sensitive surfaces all the way up to to blasting away tough and ingrained dirt.

The telescopic handle, sturdy wheels and 8m long hose makes it easy to use, especially when working for longer periods of time or tackling repetitive cleaning tasks.

Weighing 11.2kg it supplies water at 135 bar and has a 13% higher flow rate than the C125.7 @ 520 litres per hour.

To download the C135.1 data sheet click here

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