Life Rafts

The sea is an unforgiving and dangerous element. However modern life saving appliances can greatly mitigate the danger. In recent years more and more people have come to realise that safety equipment is a necessity and not optional..

At DH Marine we provide you with the choice of hiring or buying the liferaft that suits your requirement.


Life Rafts zoom Life Rafts With boats involved in commercial activities, the requirement is  for annual servicing. This means it is often cheaper to hire rather than buy outright. The hire route means you know what bill to expect. You don’t have to worry about increasing servicing costs because as  rafts get older more items will require replacing.


For small and non commercial boats, however, which only require liferaft servicing every third year it is usually more economical to purchase a liferaft outright.

Local Knowledge

Our locally based and  experienced staff will be more than happy to provide you with any  information and prices.

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