Case Studies

DH Marine has worked closely with many businesses to enable them to be more efficient, with equipment thatís reliable and fit for purpose. Here, we explain how weíve helped some of our clients.

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AntaresThe Antares is one of Shetlandís largest and most successful fishing vessels. During the work of lengthening the boat, undertaken in 2009 at Gdansk in Poland, it was necessary to install a completely new alarm and monitoring system to help with all the upgrades that had to be installed in connection with the new power management system installed prior.

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ZephyrThe Zephyr is one of Shetlandís largest and most advanced fishing vessels. When the decision was taken to lengthen the ship and install more powerful bow thrusters, it was clear that more electrical power would be needed than was available from the generators in their existing configuration. The answer was provided by DH Marine in the form of a new power management system that allows power from all the engines to be combined.

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