The Antares is one of Shetland’s largest and most successful fishing vessels. During the work of lengthening the boat, undertaken in 2009 at Gdansk in Poland, it was necessary to install a completely new alarm and monitoring system to help with all the upgrades that had to be installed in connection with the new power management system installed prior.

Antares zoom Antares Dodie Williamson, the Antares’ Chief Engineer, explains:

‘It looks after all the main functions on the vessel, including main and auxiliary engines, freezers and bilges. The old system was ten years old and it was no longer possible to obtain spare parts for it’.

DH Marine’s specialists also installed a new power management system on the vessel in 2009, allowing the maximum power to be extracted from the ship’s generating systems 2.9 Mwatt this help utilize the power generation on board the vessel but gave a greater power capacity to help with the increase in power consumption with the upgraded bow and stern thruster’s being installed when lengthened in Poland as the shaft alternator capacity was only 1.9Mwatt originally and with upgrade thruster needed 2.4 Mwatt . DH Marine worked with Woodward, the leading provider of integrated power systems, to ensure that the system was tailored precisely to the needs of the Antares and crew.

Dodie has warm praise for the work of DH Marine and is in no doubt that their solutions have worked well. ‘We’re very satisfied’, he says.